︎ Youyang

Independent Festival Curator

By April, I had already been qurantined for 2 months. Nothing was open in the town, no jobs to do, and there was nowhere to go. I saw the spring sweep over the town and now it was almost gone, along with the most beautiful weather. I was sometimes stuck in a sullen mood for no reason.

It was one April evening, and I was facetiming as usual with my boyfriend Peng for a workout. However, seeing the beautiful sunset through the window made me lose all my patience to stay home any longer, I went downstairs. I wanted to stroll to the milk shop for an icecream, at one of the few grocery stores that managed to stay open.

I remember when I passed the street with an open view, there was a stunning colour gradient in the sunset glowing over the horizen in that magical minute. The whole sky was like a glowing copy of a 2016 Pantone color of the year advert, an elegant transition from Rose Quartz to Serenity. I always thought Pantone was sneaky that year, two pinky pretty colors smoothly merged into one were obviously the winner, I was impressed, but lacking much of serious respect. Anyway I wanted Peng to see it too, I pointed my phone towards the sky but realized there's only a compromised version of the scene, it was yellower, and dimmer, like it was pasted with some over satuarated mayonaise and stained the purity of the gentle glow. Cheap, I thought.

I told my boyfriend my phone couldn't capture the true color of that beauty, and he was like: "I'm not surprised, don't you think nowadays the camera is replacing our eyes in more and more occasions, and photos will eventually replace our memory? "

"We're forgetting our feeling of the moment, and wishing taking a picture can save it, but it's fake, you're injecting yourself with a fake memory when browsing through your album in a few months time."

I pondered a while but didn't buy it entirely, "No, I'm trying really hard remembering it with my bare eyes, it's going to stick with me, it's too beautiful to be forgotten!"

But two months later, now I really can't recall that real color anymore, I can only remember the Pantone color of the year 2016, my memory now has been modified by two digital pictures.

I almost remember the exact color I wished to capture, with my eyes widely open, trying to take everything in.

︎ 俞悠洋

我记得路过开阔的马路时,天边的颜色呈现出了令人震惊的美丽颜色,那是落日余晖的魔法时刻,整个天空就像好几年前我看过的,2016年Pantone的年度色——Rose Quartz和Serenity。我之前觉得Pantone耍了小聪明,选两个颜色的组合显然比只选一个更惊艳,更美,就很不屑,但是记住了那颜色。我一边这么想着一边抬起手机,希望让Peng也能看到这美丽的景色。只不过在手机镜头里的夕阳颜色更加偏黄,跟实际的冷艳光芒比起来像是抹了蛋黄酱,显得廉价、腻味。